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Bizroof CRM

- Bizroof CRM Bizroof is free hosted CRM software with contact management, sales, marketing, tasks, and collaboration features. The program stores all sales and customer-related information online and allows you to attach searchable notes, tags, and keywords to pieces of data. Additionally, you can share and create events and view other people’s company calendars. Bizroof CRM is compatible with add-ons, allowing you to customize your CRM portal.

About Bizroof
Bizroof is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and aims to make software that is extremely easy to use. Bizroof CRM is a combination of PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Amazon S3, Prototype,, and sZend Framework APIs.

Bizroof CRM Features

  • Free hosted CRM solution
  • Create a searchable database of customers, interactions, and other sales-related items
  • Attach tags, keywords, and notes to CRM objects
  • Share and track events
  • Generate reports and graphs on cash flow
  • Compatible with a number of add-ons
  • Monitors customer trends and needs


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