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– BMC Software Mobile Device Management Review

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BMC Software Mobile Device Management is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware.

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BMC Software with enterprise and mid-sized companies.

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BMC Software Mobile Device Management

- BMC Software Mobile Device Management BMC Software Mobile Device Management makes it easy to handle your mobile devices, security, and content. The program provides network access only to authorized assets, supports remote troubleshooting, and manages your asset inventory. If you need to add new devices, you can do so en masse. All mobile device content is automatically encrypted, and you can audit devices in compliance with a number of policies. Lastly, you can update and wipe devices from any web-enabled browser.

About BMC Software
Recognized as a leading provider of business service management solutions, BMC Software delivers a broad range of comprehensive IT management solutions built with robust features to address critical IT needs, helping organizations to lower costs, reduce risks, and improve business performance.

BMC Software Mobile Device Management Features

  • SaaS mobile device management software solution
  • Prevents all your corporate data from being leaked to the open market
  • Supports remote troubleshooting, wiping, and updating
  • Monitors your asset inventory
  • Stores all apps in a catalogue
  • Encrypts all device content
  • Monitors all user activities and stores them in audit logs
  • Generates reports on device distribution

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