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– Buddy Media ProfileBuddy Review

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Global advertisers such as Johnson and Johnson, Virgin Mobile, Target and more.

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Carnival Cruise Lines

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About Buddy Media ProfileBuddy

- Buddy Media ProfileBuddyProfileBuddy helps you create and run customized interactive content on social networks and engage fans with social applications, contests, videos, and photos. ProfileBuddy also easily integrates with Twitter and Foursquare. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and custom styling lets you build the ultimate brand experience. Deliver global experiences for global brands with location and language targeting.

About Buddy Media 
Buddy Media is a SaaS social enterprise company providing brands and agencies with the necessary tools to drive social marketing and increase user engagement. Buddy Media’s data-driven customer insights social media marketing suite helps you build the right relationships and make connections.

Buddy Media ProfileBuddy Key Features

  • Granular permission access controls lets you offer rights to users without harming security
  • Comprehensive data and analytics alerts you on when and how to engage fans
  • Identify how your marketing efforts stack up against the competition with C-Rank
  • Custom dashboards and drag and drop widgets help identify and compare key social media metrics
  • Monitor performance of all your pages with parent level analytics

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