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– Buddy Media ReachBuddy Review

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Global advertisers such as Johnson and Johnson, Virgin Mobile, Target and more.

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About Buddy Media ReachBuddy

- Buddy Media ReachBuddyReachBuddy helps you create and run socially enabled content on the web by bringing social functionality to your websites and landing pages, letting you create and launch content anywhere. Build consistent brand experiences and deploy and track social experiences inside Facebook and websites with one unified dashboard.

About Buddy Media
Buddy Media is a SaaS social enterprise company providing brands and agencies with the necessary tools to drive social marketing and increase user engagement. Buddy Media’s data-drive customer insights social media marketing suite helps you build the right relationships and make connections.

Buddy Media ReachBuddy Key Features

  • Build, run and monitor social experiences in Facebook and websites from one dashboard
  • Embedding on websites makes updating and scheduling content easy
  • ReachBuddy analytics let you measure performance, compare activity based on time period and filter results using date ranges
  • Create consistent brand experiences with existing themes, assets and CSS
  • Reuse pre-existing content from Twitter, Flickr, Amazon, and FourSquare

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