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– Causata Big Data Analytics Review

Product Snapshot



Customer Focus

Causata works with enterprise companies in the fields of financial services, communications, digital media, and technology.


Causata Big Data Analytics

- Causata Big Data Analytics Causata Big Data Analytics is CXM software that aims to turn big data into useful information for companies. By gathering data on previous customer interactions, the product’s Identity Graph is able to create accurate profiles on your customer base. The Customer Timeline tool categorizes customer behavior and patterns into a searchable database. The Predictive Profile presents predictive models on customer actions, and the Machine Learning program charts the best possible customer actions you can perform to maximize your relationship. Lastly, the Decisioning module uses audience rules and A/B testing to help you make decisions.

About Causata
Causata started in 2009 and is headquartered in San Mateo, CA. The company is funded by Accel Partners and is dedicated to developing tools to handle big data.

Causata Big Data Analytics Features

  • Big data tool that helps you make decisions in satisfying customers
  • Industry-specific solutions for finance, communications, digital media, and technology companies
  • Uses customer interaction history to create customer profiles
  • Indexes customer actions into a searchable database
  • Predictive modeler shows the probability a customer will churn, renew, or take an up-sell opportunity
  • Audience rules and A/B testing tools to help you make customer decisions
  • Predictive tool takes customer data and recommends the ideal action in dealing with him/her

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