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Aptean Platinum HRM Review

Product Snapshot


Platinum HRM is a web-based solution, allowing your team to access vital information wherever and whenever needed. The solution is available on both a browser/server version and a client/server version.

Customer Focus

Platinum HRM is designed with the features to serve the needs of small, midsized, enterprise and multinational businesses operating in a wide range of industries.

Select Customers

Mars Information Services, Pharmacia China, Swire Beverages, ASIMCO, Airtex (Tianjin) Auto Parts Inc.

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About Aptean Platinum HRM

Aptean Platinum HRMAptean Platinum HRM is an award-winning human resource management solution suite built to meet complex regulatory and business needs. With Platinum HRM, businesses can leverage a single, integrated solution to better manage their human capital. Platinum HRM is built with the features businesses need to improve human management processes and employee satisfaction. Platinum HRM comes in two versions: browser/server and client/server, giving organizations the freedom to pick the version that best fits their human resource and business needs.

About Aptean
Aptean, a global leader in enterprise application software (EAS), gives businesses of all sizes a competitive edge. They empower people and businesses with end-to-end, industry-specific solutions to address complex business challenges more effectively. Their software applications and professional business services enable more than 9,000 customers, in more than 100 countries, to more successfully manage their business. Software built specifically for our target markets, aligned with deep knowledge across vertical industries, allow businesses to satisfy their customers, operate most efficiently, and stay at the forefront of their industry.

Aptean offers a full suite of business software applications, including Aptean Factory MES, Aptean Truition Ecommerce, Aptean MarketFirst Marketing Automation and Aptean Ross ERP.

Aptean Platinum HRM Key Features

HRM Browser/Server Version
Group Management

  • Allow decentralized access and user-customized fields
  • Create multiple levels of compensation, benefits, and attendance policies for different business branches
  • Support regulatory compliance and multiple policies

Performance Appraisal

  • Set different appraisals and email templates
  • Allow users to define indicator content, level, valid time, and appraisal
  • Set year-end appraisals, probation appraisals, and technical staff appraisals
  • Create periodic or ad-hoc appraisal plans
  • Use appraisal plans or types to input results
  • Create Excel templates using appraisal plan data
  • View and save appraisal histories

Business Reporting

  • Create reports based on historical headcount and salary reports
  • Generate overtime and leave analysis reports
  • Other key features: data mining, analysis export, multi-dimensional analysis, graphical charting

Employee Information Management

  • Provide centralized information of an employee’s entire employment lifecycle
  • Integrate employee information, such as compensation, benefits, and attendance
  • Other key features: statistical reports, employee record management, job search capabilities

Compensation and Benefits

  • Lock data submissions in key points, such as payroll processing, to guarantee security
  • Apply pre-defined salary calculation rules
  • Calculate tax allocation that complies with different tax policies
  • Calculate pension, insurance, and more
  • Use a range of overtime and leave records input methods

Attendance Tracking Management

  • Easily manage temporary shift changes
  • Auto-match working hours for shifts that are not predefined
  • Track early departures, late arrivals, absences, overtime, and leave
  • Access attendance data
  • Create standard and user-definable reports using the employee query function

Recruitment Management

  • Manage requirements, plans, publications, results, and history throughout the recruitment process
  • Input position requirements, such as degree, skills, and more
  • Define recruitment channels to manage contact information, records, and contracts
  • Import standard-format resumes
  • Use the talent back to view applicant status and final results
  • Define interview and status data
  • Create templates for professional email content

Employee Self-Service

  • Securely view and update personal data online
  • View company regulations and bulletins
  • View current and historical payroll data
  • View data such as shift times and personal attendance records
  • Customize and export to Excel employee reports
  • Approve requests and actions, such as overtime

Budget Management

  • Define plans for staffing and simulate the staffing sheet
  • Use different headcount plans to calculate benefits and compensation
  • Use compensation adjustment ratios and methods to create different labor cost budget sheets
  • Manage forecasts and position changes, such as transfers, new hires, and more
  • Track the effectiveness of budgets and revisions

Training Management

  • Create a workflow to guide the set up and execution of training programs
  • Track employee achievements and awards
  • Monitor employee training costs at the individual, group, and enterprise level
  • View employee training histories
  • Match employees to the appropriate training programs

HRM Client/Server Version
HR Payroll Management

  • Use employee categories to calculate payroll
  • Comply with local regulations when calculating benefits
  • Use different tax policies to define tax allocation methods
  • Calculate overtime and shift compensation
  • Use a range of overtime recording and leave application input modes

Attendance Tracking Management

  • Create repetitive shifts with predefined templates
  • Track attendance records for late arrivals, early departures, overtime, and more
  • Report on abnormal data, such as repetitive and missing pairs
  • Input, modify, and maintain data faster with batch input functions
  • Monitor employees with instant access to attendance information

Employee Self-Service
  • View personal performance reviews and training course schedules
  • View course details and training budgets
  • Read, publish and upload files to a centralized information center
  • Use built-in workflows to create application and approval procedures

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