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Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • Professional: $25/user/month
  • Enterprise: $50/user/month

Contentverse offers both on-premise and private SaaS solutions.

Customer Focus

Contentverse works for small, midsize and large companies in any industry that works in a paper-intensive environment.

Select Customers

Uniontown AAA, Henry County Abilities Resource Council, Will County, Nimans, Alaska Communications

About Contentverse

- Contentverse Contentverse is a document management system that specializes in effortlessly and painlessly taking enterprises into a paperless state. The document management system helps to improve overall efficiency within your oganization. Additionally, Contentverse offers automated workflow, document retention and security rights/permissions. It also enables users to search and retrieve any document within seconds, eliminating long wait times. Customization is also possible as Contentverse offers many additional add-ons for customers. The solution tracks everything that happens in the system, giving you full visibility for your entire organization. Contentverse also allows you to view over 400 file types. Its mobile accessibility allows you to access any files you need from any location, making it much easier to work remotely. The company also offers great customer support, allowing you to connect directly with an expert on your first try without the hassle of transfers.

About Computhink

Computhink was founded in 1994 and created and copyrighted the term and product “The Paperless Office.” Computhink went global and has since expanded to 6 continents and over 29 countries. After Computhink solidified a partnership with Microsoft, The Paperless Office (at the time ViewWise) transformed into today’s document management solution, Contentverse.

Contentverse Key Features

  • Automated workflow
  • Audit trail
  • Document retention
  • Security rights and permissions
  • Search and retrieval tool
  • Expert-only support
  • Customizable

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