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Contus Fly Review

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Platform is an on-premise solution.

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About Contus Fly

Contus Fly Contus Fly is application development software that enables users to build instant messaging applications designed to support enterprise communications, social circles, mobile apps and personal chat. The platform utilizes Ejabberd, the most scalable XMPP server, as well as database management systems such as Mnesia, MySQL, and Cassandra.

The software supports push notifications, social channel integration, geo-location tools, and group chat functionality. Additionally, the platform supports data streaming and social internet sharing activities, is designed to be hyper-accommodative to meet user- and company-specific requirements and facilitates both audio and video chat.

About the Company

Contus was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Contus Fly Key Features

  • Real-time chat and instant messaging
  • Provides full access to source code
  • Online presence indication tools
  • Chat Smiley support
  • Offline messaging capabilities
  • Screen sharing tools
  • Enables users to build chat app access from any device
  • Chat history archival functionality
  • File sharing tools
  • Fully searchable chat logs


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