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Cougar Mountain Software Denali Business Review

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About Denali Business

Cougar Mountain Software Denali Business Denali Business is customizable accounting software designed to automatically inherit security measures already in use by the user’s company. The platform is designed with individualized admin rights settings, records audit trails that ensures no transaction, entry or deleted behavior can be permanently erased or hidden, and is equipped with granular security measures that enable users to allow system access based on role, module, or function.

The software is built with a modular design, enabling users to purchase only the programs or modules needed depending on user- or company-specific workflows and business processes. Additionally, the platform offers payroll functionality, customizable report generation tools, and is built with at-a-glance-style dashboards that display real-time KPI charts and graphs.

About the Company

Cougar Mountain Software was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.


Denali Business Features

  • Reusable report template creation tools and drill-down reporting
  • Intuitive budget tracking tools
  • Scalable to work with any size company
  • Fraud and embezzlement prevention functionality
  • Perpetual report data update capability


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