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Countly Mobile Analytics Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Community Edition: free

Enterprise Edition: data volume based pricing


Countly Mobile Analytics is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Countly works with businesses of all sizes and in industries such as Gaming, Telecommunications, Service, Digital Agencies, Advertising Networks and Healthcare.

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About Countly Mobile Analytics

Countly Mobile AnalyticsCountly offers a mobile analytics platform for application developers. It is an open source mobile analytics solution and anyone can start using it by deploying Countly to their own server and integrating our client SDKs to their applications. Installing Countly to a Ubuntu server takes about ten minutes. Add another ten minutes for integrating the SDKs to the application, own the application data and be able to keep it safe on a server.

About Countly
Founded in 2013 and have offices in New York, Singapore, United Kingdom and Istanbul.

Mobile Analytics Platform Key Features

General features:

  • Real time data updates
  • Open source software
  • Goal-oriented user experience
  • In-app guidance & help

Mobile analytics features

  • Custom event tracking with advanced segmentation
  • General dashboard view showing top platform, carrier, users, resolution
  • Number of online users widget (cloud version)
  • Retention calculation & cohorts (cloud version)
  • Country-based tracking
  • User tracking
  • User loyalty tracking
  • Session tracking
  • Session frequency tracking
  • Device type and model tracking
  • Carrier tracking
  • Application version tracking
  • Platform and platform version tracking
  • Sending events using period of 30 seconds
  • Advanced user management to add administrators or users to an application or create global administrators to manage everything
  • Offline tracking

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