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cPaperless TicTie Calculate Review

Product Snapshot

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Platform is available as an on-premise solution.

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Vendor works with small and mid-sized businesses in the accounting industry.

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About cPaperless TicTie Calculate

cPaperless TicTie CalculatecPaperless TicTie Calculate is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that can perform a number of accounting tasks with workpaper preparation tools. The platform allows users to calculate figures, apply customizable tick marks and rotate pages after receiving a scanned PDF document.

The software provides businesses with hyperlinked cross references, bookmarking and sign-offs and the ability to work with other third party bookmarking structures. Additionally, the platform allows companies to manually file a document in the proper location if the program doesn’t recognize a document’s bookmark.

About the Company

cPaperless was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Dallas, TX.


cPaperless TicTie Calculate Key Features

  • Adobe Acrobat plug-in that provides accounting functionality
  • Built-in calculator
  • Can rotate pages
  • Automated bookmarking system that user can define from one of several templates
  • Can create hyperlinked cross references
  • Generates sign-offs
  • Compatible with other third party bookmarking schemes
  • Automatically detects poor bookmarking and lets user file away those documents manually


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