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– Dell KACE K1000 Review

Product Snapshot


K1000 series is offered as an on-premise solution while the Virtual K1000 (VK1000) is a virtual solution.

Customer Focus

K1000 is made for companies with over 100 employees and need to make sure their IT assets are compliant. Overall, KACE K1000 can be utilized by companies in a variety of segments.

Select Customers

Benchmark Group, Decarolis Direct, Grey Worldwide, Seaton Corp, ATCO, KN Networks, Tech Soup

Acquisition History

KACE was founded in 2003 and acquired by Dell in 2010.

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About KACE K1000

- Dell KACE K1000KACE K1000 includes many tools needed for companies to successfully manage their IT assets. All the features of K1000 are made to help companies save time and money while successfully managing their IT assets. K1000 also includes features that can help companies protect their systems from viruses, help companies reduce power consumption and remote system management features.

About Dell
KACE was originally founded in 2003 but was acquired by Dell in February of 2010. Since the acquisition, Dell KACE has become a leading provider in system management appliances; offering the K1000, K2000 and M300. The appliance approach to managing desktops, laptops and servers is designed to save companies time and money for system maintenance.

KACE K1000 Key Features

Device Discovery and Inventory
  • K1000 device discovery and inventory automatically discovers network-wide software and hardware configurations through managed agents or agentless network scanning.
  • Provides IT departments a very detailed inventory of each computer.
  • Helps especially when it comes to license compliance and security and saves a company time and money by eliminating the manual processes.

Patch Management

  • Patch Management with K1000 is made to save companies time and money and was built make sure systems are compliant with government regulations; such as HIPAA and PCI.
  • K1000 patch management is powered by Lumension, an industry leader in patch management.
  • K1000 includes one of the largest patch repositories including patches for Windows and Mac operating systems and vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe and Apple.

Service Desk Management

  • K1000 Service Desk is designed to improve customer satisfaction by providing an easy to use, appliance based solution that is fully integrated with K1000 asset and configuration management capabilities.
  • The integrated solution is made to eliminate manual errors.
  • Service Desk Management includes policy based workflow, incident based management, user portal, service process management, reporting and service desk customization.

Configuration and Policy Management

  • By using scripts for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, K1000 provides an easy to use configuration policy management and enforcement solution.
  • The scripts can be conditional, multi-dependency and multi-stage to simplify policy management.
  • K1000 includes K-scripts wizard, configuration management, 3rd party script support, dynamic policy enforcement, and reporting alerts.

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Includes Wizard-Based IT reporting with ODBC Compliant tools.
  • Accurate reporting found in K1000 not only helps with maintaining compliance, but also helps with managing assets and system lifecycle management.
  • It also helps to monitor trends which can identify appropriate measures to take to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • K1000 Reporting includes reporting wizard, third party reporting tools and dashboards to graphically display reports.

Remote Site Replication

  • K1000 helps companies to manage remote offices effectively and can stage and cache payloads, including scripts, application and patches, on remote sites.
  • A centralized K1000 Management Appliance can stage software libraries, file syncs, script dependencies, upgrades and patches to remote sites without needing dedicated hardware or personnel at any of the remote facilities.

Broadcast Alerts

  • Alerts can be sent to individual users or a group and are policy driven. Alerts can be sent immediately or on a weekly schedule.
  • The alerts will be a pop-up box on the K1000 on the end-users screen. This automation eliminates and calls or missed messages.

Organizational Management

  • Organizations are finding it easier to align their IT operations by geographic regions.
  • K1000 helps organizations with different geographic regions define management domains based on the scope of device control needed to effectively manage decentralized IT environments.
  • The K100 allows these organizations to provide each region, business unit or service area their own logical K1000 environment.

Software Distribution

  • Helps organizations distribute and install software across their organization remotely.
  • K1000 will work with almost any application, service pack, update, hotfix or digital assets for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops.
  • With the K1000, updates can be managed through dynamic groups of similar machines, saving time during the installation process.

Asset Management

  • K1000 asset management helps companies automate non-computer and computer asset management processes from deployment to retirement.
  • Asset management includes asset data audits, tracking, compliance and reconciliation.
  • Computer inventory and asset data is audited automatically on an on-going basis and when the asset data is rationalized, K1000 enables asset tracking through the asset lifecycle including move, add, changes and deletions.

Power Management

  • Helps companies create power control profiles for all their systems or client systems or can be used to create unique profiles for specific groups of clients.
  • The power profiles are then deployed, and enforced, using the K1000 power management features.
  • The K1000 also supports a number of power saving states like powering down individual components to remotely powering down an entire system.
  • Features include power policy creation wizard, Wake on LAN control, power policy implementation and enforcement and power management reporting.

IT Security Audit and Enforcement

  • The K1000 helps companies identify vulnerabilities across all end nodes and enforces compliance with company policies across all desktops, servers and laptops.
  • K1000 helps reduce the risk of malware, spyware and viruses making their way into the company’s systems. If a system is infected, it can be quarantined to prevent any malicious software from spreading.

PC Remote Support

  • K1000 provides administrators direct access to systems on the network from the K1000 management console.
  • PC remote support also includes remote support via UltraVNC, integration with Inten vPro technology, remote support via Bomgar and support for 3rd party products.

Secure Browser

  • Secure browser is a free tool security tools that is made to help prevent malicious attacks by containing them in a virtual space.
  • Initial relase of Secure Web Browser features Firefox web browser with Adobe Reader and Flash plug-in already installed and is ready to run as a Windows Installer setup.


  • AppDeploy Live is an on demand solution for companies to learn about the best practices in system management.
  • AppDeploy is a leading destination for systems management professionals and contains information on thousands of applications with information supplied by over 25,000 contributors.

Dell KACE K1000 Screenshots

  • Provides a single interface for all of the tools found within the k1000 solution.
  • K1000 is a complete solution providing inventory management, asset management, license compliance and security features.
  • K1000 is specifically designed to used by companies with over 100 employees.

The K1000 offers many features that can help companies manage IT assets while also making sure that all their systems are running optimally. All of the features are made to be cost effective so companies that implement the K1000 can get a quicker ROI. Dell KACE K1000 is also made to be easy to use and designed to help companies implement ITIL best practices.

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