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– Envision eLearning Review

Product Snapshot



Customer Focus

Mid-sized and enterprise businesses that require call center e-learning solutions

Select Customers

Alaska Airlines, Alere, Bank of Oklahoma,, Click! CableTV

About Envision eLearning

- Envision eLearningEnvision eLearning is a learning management system designed for use by call centers. It allows supervisors to easily create and deliver personalized training videos directly to agents’ workstations, reducing the costs associated with training and improving operational efficiency.

About Envision
Founded in 1994, Seattle, Wash.-based Envision develops call center software solutions that aim to maximize the potential of contact center personnel through training, coaching, performance management, and analytics. The company also offers call center solutions for compliance recording and quality management.

Envision eLearning Key Features

  • Video authoring
  • Call center training content delivery
  • Integration with other quality monitoring systems
  • Learning management system (LMS)

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