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Envision Click2Coach Review

Product Snapshot


Envision Click2Coach is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Envision works with enterprise, multinational and mid-sized customers.

Selected Customers

Alaska Airlines, Alere, Bank of Oklahoma,, Click! Cable TV

About Envision Click2Coach

Envision Click2Coach Envision Click2Coach is a customer service and learning management software solution that uses customer data to improve agent performance. The program automatically scans through all agents’ interactions with customers and generates performance scores that are based on call quality, customer survey results and speech analytics. From there, management can further examine individual agents by pulling up individual calls, searching through messages and filtering interactions based on a number of user-defined criteria. The system can then be used to help coach agents, and users can create curricula based around videos, books and best practices. Lastly, Envision Click2Coach can generate over 50 types of performance reports.

About Envision
Founded in 1994, Seattle, Washington-based Envision develops call center software solutions that aim to maximize the potential of contact center personnel through training, coaching, performance management and analytics.

Envision Click2Coach Key Features

  • SaaS customer service and learning management software solution
  • Works through customer data to show each service agent’s efficacy
  • Summarizes performance using a score system
  • Archives all calls for future review
  • Tracks all customer-agent interactions
  • Assists with agent coaching by hosting videos and content
  • Generates over 50 types of performance reports


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