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– Exact Warehouse Management System Review

Product Snapshot


Exact Warehouse Management System works with Microsoft .NET

Customer Focus

Exact Warehouse Management System is focused on working with small and midsize companies.

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About Exact Warehouse Management System

- Exact Warehouse Management SystemExact Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides your company tools to control and track materials to manage your warehouse. Exact Warehouse Management System gives you the tools you need to make the best decisions for your company to improve customer and supplier relationships, and your profitability. Exact Warehouse Management System streamlines your processes to give you your critical information in a single organized screen. Exact Warehouse Management System eliminates shipping errors with their pick and ship verification, helping you to build better customer relationships.

About Exact

Exact was created in 1984 to provide the entrepreneurial world with the best information technology. Exact is a business of entrepreneurs working to help entrepreneurs all around the world. Exact is the leading software solution company in the Netherlands with various locations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America and the Pacific. Exact is dedicated to supporting the needs of all business sizes by providing solutions that combine people, collaboration, structure and results.

Exact Warehouse Management System Key Features

  • Device manager
  • Receiving and inventory data collection
  • Pick and ship verification
  • Bin master file
  • Auto pack processing
  • Feature kit item
  • Quarantine processing module
  • SFC material transfer
  • Starship interface
  • AutoShip
  • Best of pick management


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