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FieldOne Terra is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

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FieldOne works with small and mid-sized clients.

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About FieldOne Terra

- FieldOne TerraFieldOne Terra is a robust work order and field service management system that carries over 200 features. For work orders, this program lets you define pricing structures, track time and inventory attached to a work order and dispatch your field technicians to locations. For job costing, you can set billing schedules, track actual versus estimated profits and work with an unlimited number of accounts and buildings. Other features include inventory control, CRM, purchasing and task management.

About FieldOne
FieldOne is headquartered in New Jersey and was founded in 2001. The company aims to drive up your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

FieldOne Terra Key Features

  • Robust work order and field service management system
  • Can define different pricing schemes
  • Tracks work order statuses, along with inventory and labor hours for each work order
  • Generates dispatch schedules with the option of viewing them in different time intervals
  • Helps guide technicians to job locations
  • Tracks actual job costs against estimated ones
  • Can set automatic billing schedules
  • Streamlines PO processes and allows technicians to submit POs in the field
  • Stores an unlimited number of clients, locations, and suites
  • CRM system tracks each client interaction
  • Stores all task data
  • Can store all your inventory data and track your parts

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