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Follow-Up Systems eMarketeer Review

Product Snapshot


Price plans start at $35 a month.


Follow-Up Systems eMarketeer is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Follow-Up Systems works with mid-sized and enterprise clients.

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About eMarketeer

Follow-Up Systems eMarketeerFollow-Up Systems eMarketeer is a marketing automation system that works across multiple channels, including e-mail, social media, SMS, forms, and web. Using the program’s selection of templates, you can easily design e-mail marketing mailouts, Facebook pages, landing pages, and mobile sites. The program tracks and generates reports on key analytics for all these channels, giving you comprehensive insight into your campaigns. eMarketeer goes above and beyond most marketing automation systems by tracking each individual lead action from the moment the lead enters your landing page.

About Follow-Up Systems
Follow-Up Systems started in 2002 and has offices in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The company’s clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies.

eMarketeer Key Features

  • Marketing automation system that works across multiple channels
  • Create and develop mobile, e-mail, social media, and web marketing campaigns
  • Design Facebook pages, e-mails, and mobile pages using templates
  • Tracks key analytics for each marketing channel
  • Provides a full audit trail of lead actions when a lead clicks on a link to your page
  • Generates forms, such as sign-ups and surveys
  • Integrates with a large number of other online systems, such as WordPress, YouTube, Google, SalesForce, etc

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