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– Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Content Manager Review

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Product is available as an on-premise or SaaS content management solution.

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Product can be utilized by mid-market companies and subsidiaries of Fortune 1000 companies.

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Berkshire Bank, Atlanta Regional Commission

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About Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Content Manager

- Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Content Manager Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Content Manager was built to include critical search engine optimization tools (SEO) to help companies improve their online presence. iAPPS Content Manager provides users with an easy-to-use interface that was designed for business users and doesn’t require technical expertise to publish content. Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Content Manager helps marketers make changes to their web content without needing to engage IT resources.

Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Content Manager provides companies with the tools needed to go beyond creating and publishing a website to creating a more engaging online experience for their customers. iAPPS Content Manager can be used to create online forms through a drag-and-drop interface and iAPPS Content Manager can be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

About the Company

Bridgeline Digital has created award winning web experience management software and interactive business technology solutions to help their customers reach their business goals. The iAPPS suite is offered as either an on-premise or SaaS solution that includes web content management, ecommerce, e-marketing and web analytics that can be utilized by companies to improve their websites, online marketing or online stores. iAPPS Content Manager was awarded the 2010 CODiE Award for the Best Content Management Solution. Over the last 10 years, Bridgeline has won over 50 industry awards including be named one of the top interactive technology companies in America by BtoB Magazine.


Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Content Manager Key Features

Web-Based Solution

  • iAPPS can be accessed from anywhere as long as the user has access to a web browser

State-of-the-Art User Interface

  • Provides Ajax controls to allow for drag-and-drop features and right click context menus

Inline Content Editing

  • Users don’t need to know HTML or other web programming languages to create and publish content on iAPPS. Users can simply edit the information inline without pop up menus or refreshing the page

Foreign Language Translation

  • Microsoft Translator facilitates the language translation of iAPPS content directly into the WYSIWYG editor

SharePoint Integration

  • Pull digital assets from a linked SharePoint library into iAPPS managed content through the WYSIWYG editor


  • Helps companies easily create blogs and assign indexing terms to improve SEO and enable topic categorization

Page Comments

  • Includes a Comments Waiting Approval feature to make sure that comments will not be visible to the public until they have been approved. Includes a search function so users can find comments that pertain to a specific keyword

Web Forms

  • Provides companies with the ability to create web forms to collect valuable information about site visitors
  • Forms can be created using a flexible drag-and-drop tool


  • Includes auto-301 redirects, automatically generates XML site maps and helps improve menu URLs

Surveys and Polls

  • Helps companies set up surveys and pools to learn more about the type of information their visitors are looking for
  • Polls and surveys can be created through a drag-and-drop design tool

Control Center

  • Through drag-and-drop controls, users can customize the Content Manager’s homepage, providing a personalized work space

XML Content

  • Allows for easy import/export with other systems

Simple and Custom Workflows

  • Provides multiple approval levels to make sure that content is always reviewed and approved before it is published
  • Companies can set approval processes and includes email notifications

Multi-Site Management

  • Content on multiple websites can be managed from a single interface

Content Archiving and Rollback

  • Stores previous versions of content and maintains an editing history
  • Companies can easily restore a previous version of content if needed

Content Libraries

  • Stores shared images, videos, files and data in a single location for easy access
  • Companies can create user or role-based permissions to access to individual directories

Enhanced Multimedia and Custom Attribute Support

  • iAPPS supports standard formats and multimedia; including videos, images and custom attributes

Online Reporting

  • Integrated online reports to manage content by content age, content pending publication and items pending archive

Advanced Search

  • Provides best-in-class search capabilities including auto-categorization of search results, full text searches and content preview within results

Real-Time Content Updates

  • Enables content contributors to publish their content to development, staging or production servers

Dynamic Site Map

  • Automatically generates the site map and navigation as pages are published to the site

Group Security

  • Groups can be created to maintain security for multiple administrators and makes it easy to update permissions

Integrated Site and Content Security for Front-End Sites

  • Companies can maintain different password protected areas of a site through integrated registration and security level enabled content management

Active Directory Support

  • Provides options to utilize standard authentication protocols to control CMS access

Custom Application Integration

  • Provides the ability for companies to integrate custom functionality into the iAPPS framework

Flexible Component Object Model (COM) API

  • Allows developers to build web apps and share content using optional COM APIs

RSS Syndication

  • Allows custom RSS channels to be created to syndicate content

Dynamic Template Switching

  • Allows for templates to be changed in real-time. Companies can change layouts or designs on the fly

Multiple Licensing Options

  • As a SaaS solution, iAPPS provides flexible licensing and worry free hosting and maintenance
  • Perpetual Licensing provides freedom of deployment and ownership of the software

Advanced Online Marketing Management

  • Companies can leverage the text and images in Content Manager library to create their marketing campaigns
  • Promotional emails can be synced with a website to deliver timely content
  • Requires an iAPPS Marketier license

eCommerce Integration

  • iAPPS Content Manager can be seamlessly integrated with iAPPS Commerce to manage all web content and product content and provide an engaging online shopping experience
  • Requires an iAPPS Commerce license

Next Generation Web Analytics

  • Provides more accurate and actionable analytics, providing for greater intelligence gathering
  • Requires iAPPS Analyzer license


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