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This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at Bridgeline Unbound Content.


– iAPPS Rapid Site Review

Product Snapshot

  • There is an initial investment of $38,000
  • $600 a month for iAPPS Content Manager SaaS licensing
  • $450 a month for iAPPS Analytics (optional)

iAPPS Rapid Site is available as an on-premise or SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

iAPPS Rapid Site is designed to help companies in a variety of industries create a web presence and improve online branding efforts.

Select Customers

HealthCore, HookedonPhonics, AARP, National Childrens Museum, National Insurance Crime Bureau, Honeywell

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- iAPPS Rapid SiteiAPPS Rapid Site is made to help companies quickly create a website for their business. Bridgeline boasts that with iAPPS Rapid Site, a fully customized website can be created and launched in five weeks. To make sure that a company is getting the website they want to improve their brand, companies can choose from eight different templates and Bridgeline will code and customize up to 25 pages with the companies brand imaging and content. iAPPS Rapid Site includes the CMS features of iAPPS Content Manager and can be easily integrated with iAPPS Analyzer to track the performance of the site.

About Bridgeline Digital
Bridgeline Digital has created award winning web experience management software and interactive business technology solutions to help their customers reach their business goals. The iAPPS Product Suite is offered as either an on-premise or SaaS solution that includes Web Content Management, eCommerce, eMarketing and Web Analytics that can be utilized by companies to improve their websites, online marketing or online stores. iAPPS Content Manager was awarded the 2010 CODiE Award for the Best Content Management Solution. Over the last 10 years, Bridgeline has won over 50 industry awards including be named one of the top interactive technology companies in America by BtoB Magazine.

iAPPS Rapid Site Key Features

State-of-the-Art User Interface
  • Ajax controls provide drag-and-drop features and right-click context menus.
  • Designed to help non-technical employees adapt to the system more quickly.

Inline Content Editing

  • Allows for content to be created without the publisher needing to know HTML or have any experience with web programming.
  • Content can be edited without using pop-ups or having to refresh the content.

SEO-Friendly CMS

  • Includes automatic 301 redirects, automatically creates XML sitemaps and navigation and menu names based URLs.

Enhanced Multimedia and Custom Attribute Support

  • Enhanced Multimedia and Custom Attribute Support: Supports standard multimedia formats and can also support custom attributes.

Custom Workflows

  • Workflows include multiple levels of approval to make sure all the content that is published to the site has been reviewed by the appropriate personnel.
  • Workflows can be customized by each company to make sure the publishing processes will be streamlined and also includes notifications that can be sent via email.

Real-Time Content Updates

  • Content can be published to either the development, staging or production servers.

Web Forms

  • Allows users to create custom web forms using a drag-and-drop editor. Web forms allow companies to collect valuable insights about their site visitors.

Common User Interface

  • By providing a interface that closely matches the interface employees use on a daily basis, iAPPS Rapid Site is more easily adopted by companies.

Automatic Page Tagging

  • Page tags are automatically added to new content and eliminate any manual processes and extra fees associated with implementing analytics.

Traffic Analysis

  • Companies can monitor all CMS activity including the top entry and exit pages and allows users to track external and search reports.
  • Includes page view and bounce rates as well.

Visitor Analysis

  • iAPPS Rapid Site can help companies gain better insights into the behavior of their site visitors and establish traffic patterns, visitor loyalty and their browser capability.

Graphical Trend Analysis

  • Reports can be generated to show stats per hour, day, week or month.

Surveys and Polls

  • Companies can create custom polls and surveys to learn more about their target audience. Polls and surveys can be created using drag-and-drop interface.

Transparency with Content Editing

  • Companies can transition between iAPPS Analyzer and other iAPPS modules to help eliminate problems with publishing content.

  • Helps companies quickly create a branded web presence
  • First 25 web pages are coded by Bridgeline Digital
  • Includes design meetings with the Bridgeline Digital interactive technology experts.
  • Included hosting is good for 250 pages, after that a customer will need to migrate to a new hosting provider or pay $10 per page per month to stay with Bridgeline Digital hosting.

iAPPS Rapid Site can help companies quickly get a website up and running that is branded for their company. During the customization process, companies meet with design representatives from Bridgeline Digital to make sure the site meets all the customer’s requirements. iAPPS Rapid site only includes coding customization for the first 25 pages, leaving companies to continue coding their own pages after the initial 25 are complete. iAPPS Rapid Site can also be integrated with other iAPPS solutions to provide metrics on visitor information.

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