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Icertis Contract Management Review

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Product is available as a Saas, on-premise or hybrid solution.

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Vendor works with a variety of multinational-level enterprises.

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ABB, Abbvie, Airtel, BD, Chemonics

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About Icertis Contract Management

Icertis Contract Management Icertis Contract Management software (ICM) is an end-to-end contract management system that helps organizations better streamline and optimize their contracting processes. By centralizing the storage of contracts and supporting the use of standard templates and clauses, ICM software eliminates duplication, reduces contracting errors, and improves user productivity. In addition to basic functions like contract storage and execution, ICM provides effective governance framework for templates, clauses, and contracts. These features enable effective monitoring and compliance with established policies and procedures.

About the Company

Headquartered in the United States, Icertis provides a variety of cloud based enterprise solutions for multinational organizations. Icertis offers a flexible deployment model on the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid approach.


Icertis Key Features

Compliance and Risk Management
  • Performs contract risk profiling, clause deviation analysis, commitment tracking, audit trial and provides centralized document management

Centralized Storage and Document Management

  • Uploads all types of documentation on contracts as well as corresponding transactions and also performs document management with e-signature and Docusign integration

Clause and Template Library

  • Creates templates and provides clause and template approvals, run-time deviation and approval enforcement

Contract Visibility and Notifications

  • Sends alerts on all contract milestones and expirations, has extensive search capability and performs complete audit trails on contracts and documents

Dashboard and Reporting

  • Provides an executive dashboard for contract metrics and a dashboard for notifications, tasks and contract expiry
  • Also enables users to monitor, measure and improve the contracting process

Unique Easy User Interface

  • Simple, wizard-based web interface for contract creation and approval, having integration with MS Word and Excel


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