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Infobright Enterprise Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

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Infobright is offered as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Infobright works with businesses of all sizes and in many different industries.

Select Customers

Dell Sonic Wall, FuseForward, Polystar, Bango, and Impact Radius.

About Infobright Enterprise

Infobright EnterpriseInfobright Enterprise offers a scalable analytic database for robust big data analysis. Pre-planned queries are not required when operating IEE. Single servers run at a low cost because there is no need for complex hardware infrastructure. The platform has a knowledge grid architecture that stores data in an untraditional manner: it organizes the data into two layers. The software can reduce the amount of data that needs to be uncompressed to answer queries, thereby allowing only IEE to directly respond. Data compression of 10:1 – 40:1 benefits faster query response. The platform also integrates its data system with MySQL for analytics and warehousing (no separate downloading is required).

About Infobright

The company was founded in 2005 with it’s headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

Infobright Enterprise Key Features

  • SQL support and extensions
  • Flexible schema support
  • Industry standard interfaces
  • Supported APIs
  • DML support
  • Concurrent Queries
  • Flexible operating systems that include Windows, Solaris and Linux
  • Processor support with Intel and AMD-based servers
  • Three supported load forms that scale linearly


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  • Alan Musnikow

    The last sentence of the Technology section is confused where it says, “organized into 65 thousand data packs.”

    In Infobright, data is organized into data packs of up to “65 thousand” (actually 65,536) values per data pack. Thus, if a table had 3 columns and 100,000 rows, there would be 6 data packs, 2 for each column.

    The third paragraph of the Infobright Overview section says “compressed” where it should say “uncompressed,” i.e., “… allows Infobright to reduce the amount of data that needs to be [un]compressed to answer queries.”

    Data is compressed when it is loaded, and uncompressed, as necessary, to answer queries.

    • Alan, thanks for your feedback. You’re spot on, and the suggested changes have been made.