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– Karmasphere 2.0 Big Data Analytics Review

Product Snapshot


Karmasphere 2.0 is a web-based, single machine with quadcore CPU, 16GB RAM, and 1TB disk hardware. Operates with latest versions of Ubuntu/CentOS Linux.

Customer Focus

Kamasphere 2.0 can be used by any-size company performing big data analytics.

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About Karmasphere 2.0

- Karmasphere 2.0 Big Data AnalyticsKarmasphere 2.0 is a self-service data analytics solution that allows users to explore patterns and trends in their data, while providing up-to-date visibility to appropriate team members. Karmasphere 2.0 is accessible from anywhere because it is standards-based with open APIs.

Founded in 2005, Karmasphere is headquartered in Cupertino, CA. The company is backed by Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Presidio Ventures, and U.S. Venture Partners.

Karmasphere 2.0 Key Features

  • Collaborative workspace
  • Data wrangling
  • Ad Hoc query execution
  • Multi-role and user model
  • Iterative SQL analysis
  • Hadoop and Hive compatibility
  • Tableau and Spotfire
  • SQL scripts
  • User-defined formats
  • JDBC-compliant data store
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly scheduling options

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