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Magic Software Enterprises Magic xpi Integration Platform Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

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Product is available as an on-premise solution or as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Magic Software Enterprises works with multinational, enterprise and mid-sized customers.

Select Customers

Merit Service Solutions, Radda Barnen, Sennheiser, Adecco, Adidas Canada


About Magic xpi Integration Platform

Magic Software Enterprises Magic xpi Integration Platform Magic xpi Integration Platform is an application development software solution that connects apps built in the Magic Software Enterprises product line to online services. The program requires no coding knowledge to use and automatically handles all connectivity.

For instance, users can connect their apps to social media channels, Oracle and SAP platforms, web services, Salesforce and much more. All data exchanged between apps and services is fully secure, and the system can handle large bandwidth loads. Lastly, the platform can perform data recoveries in response to any service failures.

About the Company

Magic Software Enterprises was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Israel.


Magic xpi Integration Platform Key Features

  • On-premise or SaaS application development software solution
  • Connects apps made in Magic Software Enterprises platforms to online services
  • Requires no coding knowledge to use
  • Automatically takes care of all integration
  • Connects to platforms from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and more
  • Secures all moving data
  • Can perform system recoveries in response to data failures


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