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Product is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

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Vendor works with enterprise and mid-sized companies.

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About LiveSource eAuctions

- LiveSource eAuctions LiveSource eAuctions is an online auction software solution where you can have suppliers reverse bid on line items you need. The program can work with an unlimited number of suppliers from across the globe and adjust bids to meet your local currency. As auctions progress, the current winning bid for each item is displayed to everyone. Over 150,000 suppliers are listed in the product database, and you can talk to and receive documents from interested vendors. Once you see the price you want for an item, you can easily select the winning bid.

About was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Atlanta. Over 50,000 sourcing professionals use the company’s products. LiveSource eAuctions Key Features

  • SaaS esourcing software solution
  • Sends your line items to a list of suppliers who can then reverse bid on them
  • Over 150,000 suppliers are listed in the program database
  • Can work with local and international vendors
  • Automatically adjusts currencies to your own
  • Controls what bidding information suppliers can see
  • Able to receive messages and documents from bidders

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