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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at CureMD.


– Mitochon ePrescribe Review

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Product is available as a free solution


Mitochon ePrescribe is a SaaS solution and comes with unlimited support for implementation and training.

Customer Focus

Physicians, Hospitals and health systems, Medical Administrators.

Select Customers

Dr.Duma (physician), Dr.Barth ( Oncology Physician).

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About Mitochon ePrescribe

- Mitochon ePrescribeMitochon ePrescribe makes it easier for health care providers to share medication information regarding the same patient, thus improving communication between doctors and pharmacies. Mitochon ePrescribe provides thorough data for medical providers and is compatible with 95% of US pharmacies.

Mitochon is the first vendor to create a completely free EHR. Mitochon was created in 2002 and provides a 100% accessibility and support for medical providers.

Mitochon ePrescribe Key Features

  • Automatic Formulary Checking
  • Built in Allergy Interaction Alerts
  • Built in Drug-Drug Interaction Alerts
  • Electronic Refill Request Applications
  • Free Patient Education Material
  • Favorite Medications List
  • Free of Cost

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