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– Movero MDM Solutions Review

Product Snapshot


Movero MDM Solutions is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Movero works with mid-sized companies.

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Movero MDM Solutions

- Movero MDM Solutions Movero MDM Solutions handles all your mobile devices and services throughout their entire lifecycles. The program works with tablets and smartphones to secure their data, apply updates, and provide you with full visibility over their information. You can also set security policies, and the system will enforce them. For service management, the product can help you with procurement, rate optimization, and invoice and payment automation. Movero MDM Solutions works with all Windows, Blackberry, Apple, and Android devices.

About Movero
Movero was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Georgia. The company puts out a variety of mobile device software solutions for the healthcare, utilities and retail industries.

Movero MDM Solutions Features

  • SaaS mobile device management solution
  • Compatible with Windows, Blackberry, Apple, and Android devices
  • Secures all device data
  • Distributes software and apps
  • Creates security policies and enforces them
  • Helps you with the invoicing, billing, and procurement processes
  • Displays which carrier rates would be optimal for your company
  • Supports BYOD
  • Comes with support from a 24/7 help desk

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