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– Opera Performance Accelerator Review

Product Snapshot


Opera’s Hadoop-powered Vektor system can be implemented as either remotely hosted SaaS solutions or software that’s “brought behind your firewalls.”

Customer Focus

Opera Solutions’ vertical solutions provide services for a more midmarket-oriented, Fortune 1000 customer base.

Select Customers

ACI Payment Systems, Capgemini

About Opera Performance Accelerator

- Opera Performance AcceleratorOpera Performance Accelerator uses the Vektor Big Data analytics platform to deliver performance assessments and benchmarks for work environments driven by individual agents (salespeople, financial advisors, teachers, etc.). Opera Performance Accelerator can function as anything from a guidance and intelligence source for collections agents in the field to the overall revenues and patient traffic generated by individual physicians in a hospital environment. Additionally, Opera Performance Accelerator draws on machine intelligence assets and a robust software interface to generate and deliver specific performance recommendations for individual agents in your company.

About Opera Solutions
Founded in 2004 with 10 employees with a focus on predictive analysis derived from the “massive amounts of data flow” generated in Big Data. Opera Solutions organizes its stable of business intelligence products into two distinct categories: Enterprise and Vertical solutions.

On the enterprise side, Opera takes clients from the Global 250 as well as large governmental bodies to develop solutions for deriving the most profit out of their Big Data reserves. In Vertical solutions the organization switches focus to Fortune 1000 and the midmarket in providing remotely hosted software geared towards the sorts of analysis that can address the problems in various different industries.

The company conducted its first round of investment in 2011, gathering $84 million from Silver Lake Sumeru, Accel-KKR, Invus Financial Advisors, JGE Capital Management and Tola Capital, bringing the overall company value to around $500 million.

Opera Solutions places a large premium on the scientific aspects of its work, boasting more than 160 scientist employees. Vektor, the company’s flagship program, derives patterns and correlations from large amounts of data and delivers analytics and recommendations based on them.

Opera Performance Accelerator Key Features

  • Performance tracking of individual agents
  • “Apples-to-apples” performance analysis
  • Identifying underperforming agents in various environments
  • Uses machine intelligence systems to deliver best practices recommendations
  • Delivers recommendations tailored to individual agents’ performance and workflow
  • Specialized solutions for Collections, Education, Hospital and Wealth Management organizations
  • Cross-platform compatibility across desktop and mobile devices for field use


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