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OutSystems Agile Platform is available as an on-premise, hybrid or SaaS solution.

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OutSystems works with mid- and enterprise-sized businesses.

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OutSystems Agile Platform

- OutSystems Agile PlatformThe OutSystems Platform makes it exceedingly easy for IT organizations to build, deploy and manage complex and scalable enterprise web and mobile applications. It is the only application platform as a service (PaaS) available as a cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution that generates standard Java and .NET applications with fully automated DevOps support. The OutSystems Platform enables enterprise development teams to deliver faster release cycles and realize a quicker and larger return on investment without the proprietary restrictions of other systems.

About OutSystems
OutSystems makes it exceedingly easy for IT organizations to build, deploy and manage enterprise-class web and mobile applications – helping IT deliver innovative business solutions fast.

  • High-productivity application development and change management
  • Cloud, on-premise or hybrid development and deployment
  • Standard, extensible Java and .NET code generation
  • Automated DevOps: one-click deploy, integrity checking, self-healing, staging and rollback

Hundreds of companies in 24 countries across 22 industries use the OutSystems Platform to rapidly deliver custom, mission critical applications – while improving IT productivity and reducing their change request backlog. OutSystems customers deliver innovative applications that easily integrate existing systems and data to support new business initiatives and replace legacy applications.

OutSystems Agile Platform Key Features

  • High-productivity development for web and mobile applications: modern, simple user interfaces, data and workflows
  • Complete control over applications, environments and optional PaaS services
  • Simple, robust integration with on-premise and SaaS applications: choose packaged or custom, systems or data
  • Open and extensible: write custom C# and Java code, and let the platform easily integrate and manage your items
  • Fully automated DevOps: one-click deploy, integrity checking, self-healing, staging and rollback
  • Integrated end user performance monitoring and troubleshooting ensures excellent user experience
  • Seamless application portability between cloud and on-premises, with support for hybrid scenarios
  • Single optimized environment to run multiple applications with elastic scaling of applications as usage grows

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