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– ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform Review

Product Snapshot


ParAccel, Inc. stresses the importance of an analytic database platform; one that operates with complexity, intense speed and agility through an object relational database management system called Postgre SQL. The company also works with various on-demand integration providers such as Teradata ODI, Hadoop ODI, FIX ODI, and NYSE ODI. In addition to their analytics platform, they offer a set of services for offloading, quick-starting the analytics process, and progressing to new application areas.

Customer Focus

Vendor is focused on working with mid-size businesses and enterprises.

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  • $100,000 per terabyte (user data)
  • 57% quantity discount at 30 terabytes
  • 1% annual maintenance

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ParAccel Big Data Overview

- ParAccel Big Data Analytics PlatformParAccel aims to help organizations gain a competitive advantage and accelerate their decision making through an analytics platform that analyzes any data source. A library of advanced functions that includes over 502 analytical functions helps customers, partners and third parties build their own integration modules that act on-demand. The platform provides out-of-the-box modules that help organizations make effective business decisions.

The company takes pride in its flexible analytical platform that includes simple and basic reporting, static workloads that are tied to major business decisions, dynamic unplanned workloads that require detailed data, as well as complex multi-source workloads. ParAccel believes in the agility and importance of retrieving external problems and making them their own in order to create effective solutions to the most complex business needs.

ParAccel tackles challenges in continuity, security, privacy and management. The company allows its users to expand their businesses in a modular fashion because the system is based on basic provisions. SAN integration prevents potential mistakes and allows the business to move in an analytically sound direction. The platform also enables its users to deliver and utilize data in two ways: by using common, intelligent tools or by integrating one’s own tools.

About the Company
ParAccel was founded in 2005. The company attracted several popular investors, such as In November 2011, ParAccel announced a cloud edition of their analytical software. In June 2011, ParAccel was selected as a Red Herring Top 100 winner in North America.

ParAccel Big Data Key Features

  • 502 analytical functions
  • On-demand integration
  • Fraud analytics
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Personalized and creative marketing
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Sub-second response times
  • Storage Area Network integration


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