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QlikView Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • Personal Edition (individual use only) – Free
  • Named User License – $1,350 per named user
  • Document License – $350 per named user, per document
  • Concurrent License – $15,000 per concurrent user
  • Additional pricing options available

QlikView is a cloud-based, in-memory SaaS solution featuring robust integration capabilities.

Customer Focus

QlikView is optimized for midsized to global enterprises with a range of tailored solutions for multiple industries in the public and private sectors.

Select Customers

Hertz, Cisco, Gatorade, LUSH, Tommy Hilfiger Europe

Customer Success Stories

ADP, Gatorade, Canon, Panasonic

About QlikView

QlikViewQlikView Business Discovery platform does away with expensive and outdated business intelligence systems that constrain the end user’s analytic creativity. Instead, this top business intelligence tool leverages the power of patented, in-memory cloud technology to aggregate, organize and present data to employees throughout the organizational hierarchy. Intuitive reports, dashboards and other business apps are easy for any user to create with simple, no-programming-required toolsets, and QlikView’s secure delivery system accommodates multiple device types as well as role-based permissions. QlikView enables users to find the information they need with a handful of mouse clicks and transform that insight into actionable tasks for themselves and their teams.

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About Qlik
Qlik (formerly QlikTech) was founded in Lund, Sweden in 1993, and now employs over 1,000 around the globe. Qlik’s mission is to build business intelligence solutions that prioritize the needs and ease-of-use of the end business user. In the past, BI relied on complex hardware/software stacks that were difficult to manage, difficult to use, and prohibitively expensive for many businesses. Qlik continues to innovate forward, toward clean, simple, cloud-based solutions. Over 25,000 companies in over 100 countries use the QlikView Business Discovery platform, which itself maintains a 96% satisfaction rate. In 2012, Forbes ranked it among the top 3 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies alongside Apple and LinkedIn.

Product Key Features

Social Business Discovery

  • Easily collaborate on data, reports and decisions with highly dynamic dashboards instead of static reports
  • Real-time, co-browsing capabilities
  • In-app annotations and bookmarks enable ongoing discussions over time
  • Polished visuals keep users engaged and enhance usability
  • “Remix” tools allow for multiple levels of drill down as well as making it easy to take apart and reassemble data sets quickly
  • Share dashboards, reports, apps, notes, tasks and more across business and social networks with secure protocols intact

IT Empowerment

  • Free up IT staff with QlikView’s associative, in-memory architecture built for up to a billion-record data sets or thousands of users
  • Highly developed integrations limit risks and slash deployment costs by preserving and capitalizing on existing systems
  • Automatic load balancing to ensure maximum performance even with thousands of users
  • 64-bit Intel architectures; seamless integration of 32-bit and 64-bit data sources
  • 90% data compression
  • Virtualization compatible
  • Robust APIs for maximum integration
  • Ajax client is browser-independent
  • Field-level security
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory and other LDAP solutions

App Creation

  • Automatically merges and consolidates data for highly-configurable viewing and interaction
  • Auto-maintained data associations
  • Integration wizards for major systems like Salesforce, SAP, Informatica, etc.
  • Easy to use point-and-click app creation; browser-like navigation, charts, graphs, maps, etc.


  • Tablet ready
  • Leverages HTML5 for BI apps that feel as intuitive as consumer apps
  • Auto-adjustment for displaying data on smartphones; dashboards break down to individual gauges
  • Data maintains security and permissions across all devices
  • By default, data is not stored on the device itself
  • Reduced developer workload enabled by QlikView’s “build once, deploy anywhere” approach

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