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– Quantivo Big Data Analytics Review

Product Snapshot


Quantivo is delivered on a cloud-based analytics platform that is fully managed 24/7 with optimal security. The cloud infrastructure eliminates redundancies to dissect data and reveal trends. The company also delivers data immediately and focuses on how the real world will analyze data to build their solutions. It requires no hardware or software to install or manage.

Customer Focus

Vendor focuses on working with mid-size and large businesses that operate online, in retail or wholesale shops, or in distribution centers worldwide.

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On-demand service with pricing starting at $2,000/month

Quantivo Big Data Overview

- Quantivo Big Data Analytics Quantivo is a cloud-based solution that allows its users to explore associations within their company’s database through an interface that is bounded only by their imagination. The analytical system uncovers levels of information and segments the tools that business users are freely looking for. Through a “drag-and-drop” interface, the platform makes it visually flexible and appealing for users to operate in real-time within hours, not weeks. By keeping the original data, the software can sift through a large database and find trends or patterns within that database, organizing it in such a way that makes long-term changes and behavior easier to work with.

What makes Quantivo different from other large service solution-based systems is that it recognizes patterns after companies have loaded their data while effectively presenting new business opportunities and preventing any misguided decisions. Quantivo also allows its users access to interact with large amounts of data without the trouble of finding an IT representative, data scientist or data administrator to do the work for you.

Quantivo segments three solutions to helping users better understand how to meet specific demands of the company. First, Behavioral Analytics cuts the time spent on evaluating past performance purchases, responses and views and directly identifies what common behaviors have existed in the past that can determine what one needs to do to accomplish future business goals. Second, Marketing Optimization allows business users how to better connect with their customer-base and influence their behavior within the market through reviewing their activities online, in-store, advertising and even special events. Therefore, business and customer relationships are more personable and successful. Thirdly, Web Analytics allows businesses to interact with their customers in an extensive manner.

About Quantivo
Founded 5 years ago, Quantivo is a cloud-based data service that was created in hopes of helping businesses better understand their customers’ needs. Quantivo has partnered with SMBs and Fortune 500 companies. As a privately held company, Quantivo is financed by venture capital firms such as Foundation Capital and Partech International. Quantivo has been awarded five US patents for its core technology.

Quantivo Big Data Key Features

  • “Train of Thought” interface analysis
  • Parallel processing in a Query Environment through cloud-based architecture
  • Extensive pattern analysis for sophisticated future decision-making
  • 24/7 secured management
  • Real-time deployment
  • Quick training time
  • Elastic Scalability
  • Anyone can use it


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