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Salesforce Sales Cloud Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • $25/user/month (Group)
  • $65/user/month (Professional)
  • $125/user/month (Enterprise)
  • $300/user/month (Performance)

The Sales Cloud is delivered via the Cloud as Software-as-a-Service, allowing users to access the system with an Internet connection. As a cloud deployment, the Sales Cloud requires no additional hardware or software in order to run the solution.

Customer Focus

The Sales Cloud comes in a several editions to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and industries.

Select Customers

NBC Universal, Kelly Services, Pandora, Burberry, Prudential Financial

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About Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud Salesforce’s Sales Cloud is the world’s number one sales application. This solution stores and manages the vital information sales teams need to better connect with customers.

The Sales Cloud delivers up-to-date, complete data—from account information to social insights—and makes it available anywhere at any time. Built on an open architecture and designed to resemble consumer websites like, the Sales Cloud is easy to use and feature-rich. More than 100,000 customers around the world rely on the Sales Cloud to help them close deals and improve collaboration.

About the Company is the leading enterprise cloud computing company with a strong focus on the Social Enterprise—infusing a social context into the way businesses are run. Founded in 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, has gained recognition for its innovative products right from the start. delivers a range of CRM and business applications that help companies improve the way their employees collaborate and the way they connect with customers.


Salesforce Sales Cloud Key Features


  • Get updates on contacts, accounts, opportunities, and documents in real time
  • Tap into the expertise of the entire organization to find the right information, close deals, and get approvals
  • Connect and collaborate with customers in private groups

Accounts and Contacts

  • Consolidate account history, customer communications, contacts, and more into a single location
  • Gain social media insight to understand what eacah customer “likes”


  • Log calls and respond to leads from any mobile device
  • Access information like dashboards and opportunities on the go

Marketing and Leads

  • Manage and track campaigns across multiple channels, including social media
  • View the progress of a campaign for lead capture to close

  • Easily access in-depth company profiles and high-quality business contacts
  • Get the right business data to plan territories, reach decision makers, and build targeted prospecting lists

Opportunities and Quotes

  • View the details about the deals the sales team is pursuing
  • Receive automatic updates and track all associated activities to close deals faster

Approvals and Workflow

  • Have more control over routine activities
  • Automate approvals
  • Eliminate redundant tasks
  • Improve adherence to business processes

Files and Libraries

  • Easily find the file needed with social web features like comments, following, @mentions, and “likes”
  • Securely share files
  • Receive notifications when content changes

Email and Calendaring

  • Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Microsoft Word/Excel
  • Personalize HTML email templates

Analytics and Forecasting

  • View real-time business statuses
  • Create and customize dashboards by role, individual, or department


  • Share sales information and follow joint processes with business partners
  • Build and manage a loyal partner community


  • Find sales applications tailored for different business needs
  • Read user ratings and reviews for apps
  • Tap into a community of social enterprise experts


Salesforce Sales Cloud Screenshots


Salesforce Sales Cloud Videos


  • The Sales Cloud is built with a uncomplicated, consistent, intuitive and robust interface that makes using the solution and finding information a breeze.
  • The Sales Cloud comes with extensive dashboard views—maybe the most extensive compared to other CRM solutions—that come with a large amount of color graphs that easily display CRM data in a variety of ways.
  • offers a comprehensive and robust third-party app platform, AppExchange, that delivers a wide range of sales and social enterprise applications built to integrate seamlessly with the solution. If there is an additional CRM feature needed, the AppExchange probably offers it.
  • The Sales Cloud is built on a robust cloud computing infrastructure with extensive customization capabilities, allowing companies to tailor the solution to their needs.
  • The Marketing features cover only the basics and if more advanced functions are needed, some companies may have to buy a separate marketing module to supplement the solution.
  • Some users complain of poor customer service and long response times for support.
  • Though offered on a tiered pricing structure, pricing can get very expensive, compared to other CRM products with similar features.
Overall is the market leader in CRM—and for good reason. Its Sales Cloud solution is simple to use and set up, and leverages advanced functionality for lead and opportunity management—including territory management—to provide sales teams with the tools they need to effectively carry out their jobs. The system’s easy-to-use interface with advanced reporting capabilities ensures quick user adoption rates and visibility into critical CRM areas. Plus with the AppExchange, companies can easily find any add-ons for the system to answer their every CRM need.



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