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SAS Marketing Automation Review

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About SAS Marketing Automation

SAS Marketing AutomationSAS Marketing Automation, part of the SAS Customer Intelligence suite, is a campaign management tool that helps marketing teams delineate market segments and efficiently produce and manage targeted marketing campaigns. Marketing Automation can be installed on-premises or as an SAS OnDemand cloud service.

The core functionality of Marketing Automation is the grouping of market segments and the identification of profitable customers. This is accomplished through a set of analytical tools for identifying customer groups and then testing campaigns on them. Tools are also provided for tracking the responsiveness of demographics and individuals. Altogether, SAS Marketing Automation helps ensure money isn’t wasted marketing to unprofitable, unresponsive customers.

On the production end, Marketing Automation assists in coordinating across company departments by coordinating sign-offs and responding to email and telephone support triggers. The software provides graphical tools such as flowcharts to better visualize campaigns and integrates with SAS Digital Marketing, so that campaigns can seamlessly transition from planning to execution.

About SAS
SAS provides a suite of analytics and business intelligence tools that operates on all platforms using a multivendor architecture. Its products are deployed across over 55,000 sites worldwide, and serve 90 of the top 100 organizations on the 2011 Fortune Global 500 list.

SAS Marketing Automation Key Features

  • Identify and market to customers based on predictive models, marketing tests, and past responsiveness
  • Can leverage data used by other SAS Customer Intelligence software
  • Integrated with other SAS Digital Marketing, allowing for quick, personalized responses to customers
  • Manage campaigns within large, complex organizations using automated review and sign-off tools, including a web interface for remote employees
  • Integrated with other SAS Digital Marketing, allowing for quick, personalized responses to customers
  • Respond to email and call center events
  • Reuse existing campaigns and customer data
  • Custom analytics: Create custom tools for advanced marketing needs

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