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– Servora Business Intelligence Review

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Serova works with small and medium-sized companies in the fields of wholesale, assembly, and ecommerce.

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Servora Business Intelligence

- Servora Business Intelligence Servora Business Intelligence uses real-time dashboards and reports to reveal insights about your business. The software is capable of analyzing and reporting on sales, lead, customer, product, and customer service performance. Both the reporting and dashboard functions support customization. For instance, you can set users’ dashboard viewing permissions, choose which information to display on reports, and create custom report formulas.

About Servora
Since 2004, Servora has been providing on-demand CRM and ERP solutions for businesses. Servora initially formed as a reaction to companies’ troubles with managing business workflows. The company uses a hybrid of business intelligence, technology, and operational services to meet their customers’ needs.

Servora Business Intelligence Features

  • Real-time dashboard and reporting program that always brings you up-to-date data
  • Imports daily activity data to monitor performance of sales, leads, products, service, and customers
  • Dashboards viewing permissions can be set on user-by-user basis
  • Filters dashboard data by time period
  • Displays KPI to compare current business performance with past performances
  • Generates standardized reports within a few clicks
  • Custom reports let you choose the information you wish to display
  • Reports support custom formulas
  • Reports can house various visual reporting tools, such as graphs and snapshots

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