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– Sybase Big Data Analytics Review

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Sybase’s data management system comes in five iterations, depending on the company’s needs and requirements: Adaptive Server Enterprise, Advantage Database Server, Replication Server, Open Server, and SQL Anywhere. Along with company-specific systems, the company also offers a data warehousing component – Sybase IQ – that suits any standard hardware and operation system. Because traditional data systems have the potential of going down when power grids fail, Sybase also offers Business Continuity for disaster recovery.

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Solutions are best suited for big data analytics are geared at SMBs to enterprises.

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Sybase Big Data Analytics Overview

- Sybase Big Data AnalyticsSybase Big Data Analytics extend their services over several different servers that are fit to meet the requirements of your business as well as leverage data on mobile devices. The SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAE) works with mission-critical, data-intensive environments. By encrypting data to prevent internal and external breaches and by clustering resources, SAE can increase its data transaction volumes at a faster pace while reducing the risk that IT systems face.

The Advantage Database Server (ADS) enables its users to work with embedded database applications that sequentially index data and execute analysis over various platforms and languages. With flexible and optimized data access, security, and full scalability, ADS aims to serve a multiple-user environment. Because the system only uses one source code, it is easy to use and secure.

The Replication Server synchronizes your data across the enterprise to ensure there is no bias within the system whether your business is operating with Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft, etc. This server allows businesses to leverage their existing applications over multiple locations in real-time. Essentially, the server extracts your data and separates the information to remote/secondary sites, allowing you to make informed decisions over various platforms.

The Open Server deploys a transparent multi-tiered computing environment that reduces the business’ need to constantly update their clients, allowing the business-client relationship to work more efficiently and effectively.

SQL Anywhere allows its users to work in remote and mobile environments as well as all on laptops.

Along with these server solutions, Sybase also offers a highly optimized analytics server, Sybase IQ, that works with any standard hardware or operating system. Sybase IQ is compressionable and highly optimized to handle any big data.

About the Company
Founded in Berkeley, CA, in 1984, Sybase was the first software solutions company to deliver licenses to the Human Genome Project. Bought by SAP in 2010, the company continues to develop software and mobile solutions. Sybase was named a leader in the SD Times 100 for innovation and technology leadership.

Sybase Big Data Analytics Key Features

  • In-memory database
  • Shared-disk clustering
  • Cloud computing
  • Embedded databases
  • Mobile data management
  • Real-time decision support system
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Various mobility services

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