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– Teradata Big Data Analytics Review

Product Snapshot


Teradata offers cloud-based analytics and data warehousing solutions based on their Database 14 engine. Teradata also has an Active Enterprise Data Warehouse solution that stores data in Solid State Drive (SSD) and traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) technologies in versions 6690 (for virtual storage) and 6650 (for traditional storage).

Customer Focus

Teradata’s Database 14 aims to serve organizations of all sizes across various industries including Communications, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare/Life Sciences, Hospitality and Gaming, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Transportation, and Travel.

Select Customers

Vodafone New Zealand, , Verizon, , , NAVAIR, State of Michigan, Highmark, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, , , Corona Direct, Western Digital, , , , Brinker International, Hallmark, Union Pacific, WESCO, , ,


Starting at:

  • $26,000/core (Data Mart Edition)
  • $41,000/terabyte (Data Mart Appliance)
  • $12,000/terabyte (Extreme Data Appliance)
  • $32,000/terabyte (Data Warehouse Appliance)
  • Performance-based (Extreme Performance Appliance)
  • $57,000/terabyte (HDD Based-Active Enterprise Data Warehouse)
  • Performance-based (Mixed Storage-Active Enterprise Data Warehouse)

Teradata Big Data Analytics Overview

- Teradata Big Data AnalyticsTeradata offers a family of platforms and applications that include the Data Mart Appliance (for entry-level production data warehousing with a 64-bit operating system within a single rack cabinet that has the capability to store large amounts of data), Extreme Data Appliance (where massive amounts of data are reduced to smaller data sets), Data Warehouse Appliance (simple, robust intelligence system that is fully integrated with the Teradata database), and Extreme Performance Appliance (fast flash memory technology that enables consistent query response times).

The Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse can be expanded incrementally from one to more than 4,000 nodes, accommodating user data space from 6 terabytes to 92 petabytes. Teradata’s Database 14 engine powers all applications. It is known for its power, flexibility and scalability, and has built-in “set and go” optimization functionality.

Teradata solutions are supported by three key components: 1) Geospatial reduces the time for query responses and extends geospatial data within the database; 2) Temporal extracts and processes the historical data of the business for further analysis, enabling users to make more informed decisions; 3) Aster MapReduce Appliance, a fully-integrated system that helps gather insights from the massive amounts of data produced by the business.

About Teradata
Headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio, and incorporated in 1979, Teradata has approximately 9,000 employees in over 92 countries and a client base of over 1,200 companies worldwide. Teradata was named  “Product of the Year” in 1986 by Fortune Magazine, ranked as #1 in Forrester Research’s 2009 “Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform” report, and placed in the “leaders quadrant” in Gartner’s 2009, 2010 and 2012 “Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Databse Management Systems” report.

Teradata Big Data Key Features

  • Fast query performance
  • Quick time value
  • Simple to manage software
  • Responsive to business change
  • Flexible applications
  • Powerful embedded analytics
  • Advanced workload management
  • Intelligent scan elimination

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