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– Teradata Aster Discovery Platform Review

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Teradata Aster services enterprise-scale clients by bringing together data science analytics and a choice of enterprise deployment options.

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Teradata Aster Discovery Platform

- Teradata Aster Discovery PlatformThe Teradata Aster Discovery Platform is a business intelligence tool that makes it easy for enterprise businesses to use the science of data in order to drive new business through big data analytics.

About Teradata
Headquartered in Miami Township, Ohio, Teradata has transformed into an enterprise software company by developing and selling a relational database management system. It is ranked among the leading companies in country in data warehousing and enterprise analytics.

Teradata Aster Discovery Platform Key Features

  • Big Data Analytics performance & scalability
  • Business-ready MapReduce analytics engine
  • Pre-defined MapReduce Modules
  • Software-only or hardware-integrated deployment options

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