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– TinderBox Proposal Management Review

Product Snapshot


TinderBox Proposal Management is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

TinderBox works with enterprise, multi-national and mid-sized customers.

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About TinderBox Proposal Management

- TinderBox Proposal Management TinderBox Proposal Management works throughout the sales cycle to assist users with handling presentations, proposals and contracts. The program acts as a central repository for all sales documents, such as messages and media. When users need to start to send out presentations and proposals, they can create them using a number of professional, customizable templates. If a proposal is well-received, the customer can submit an e-signature and sign off on individual proposal prospects. An e-signature makes the proposal a formal contract, and the system maintains all version histories. Lastly, TinderBox Proposal Management can send out notifications that alert users of customer actions.

About TinderBox
TinderBox was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Indiana.

TinderBox Proposal Management Key Features

  • SaaS sales software solution
  • Stores all documents, messages and media content for presentations and proposals
  • Features a number of presentation and proposal document templates
  • Customers can sign off on proposals with e-signatures
  • Stores all completed proposals as contracts
  • Supports version control for documents
  • Sends out alerts whenever a proposal or contract development occurs

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