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Understanding and Using The Most Popular Tools in Softaculous

With over 400 scripts and 1,000+ PHP classes, Softaculous is a well-known suite of systems, software and tools. It functions […]

7 Factors for SMBs Planning Their Switch to the Cloud

Many small businesses have heard about the cloud, and may even acknowledge that there are benefits to moving their locally based records and applications to the cloud. However, there are a number of perceived drawbacks that may keep SMBs from embracing the cloud wholeheartedly. Once those fears can be put to rest, the benefits of making the move will become readily apparent. Here are seven areas you should consider.

ZeroLag Hosted Exchange

ZeroLag Hosted Exchange is a cloud-hosted messaging solution that adds expert IT management to the user’s team, on demand. Each user gets 4GB of mailbox storage on a high-performance SCSI-based file system, with anti-spam and antivirus filtering.

ZeroLag Magento Hosting

ZeroLag Magento Hosting is a cloud hosting solution designed for online merchants seeking quality Magento hosting. The platform provides improved performance, reliability and security through ZeroLag’s uniquely crafted architecture.

ZeroLag Managed Web Hosting

ZeroLag Managed Web Hosting is a cloud hosting solution designed to fit the unique needs of any business. The platform offers a wide range of services including dedicated servers, shared hosting, virtual private servers and colocation.

The 4 Top Cloud Hosting Platforms

While we don’t have flying cars or hoverboards as retro imaginings predicted would happen by 2015, businesses today can still experience the magical taste of technological innovation through modern cloud hosting software. These platforms eliminate the need for on-site infrastructure, and remove the hassles of maintenance and management that come with traditional IT strategies by hosting technical operations remotely.

Behind the Software Q&A with DreamHost’s VPs of Cloud and Marketing

At first glance, DreamHost seems like an innocent cloud hosting solution, storing domains and backing up files. Peer deeply into the company and discover that DreamHost is much more than just a hosting solution. The company (governed by a democratic system and run without a dime of VC funding) is a pioneer on the open source front. Developers work both within WordPress and OpenStack to help mold the future of open source.

– DreamHost Shared

DreamHost Shared is a cloud hosting software solution that runs multiple websites on a single server and maintains all bandwidth between them. During the initial setup phase, users can pick and choose the website add-ons, such as WordPress, ecommerce and calendars, they want up and running. The system can then take care of all domain name registration.

DreamHost VPS

DreamHost VPS is virtual private server hosting software designed to assist developers and designers with running websites and applications. The platform is equipped with Ubuntu Long Term Support, enables users to manage multiple virtual servers, and is built with a web-based control panel where users can scale servers up or down.

Bitnami Cloud Hosting

Bitnami Cloud Hosting is cloud hosting software designed to launch apps in the cloud, automatically backup and monitor data, and provides real-time notifications. The platform enables users to launch dozens of open source applications including SugarCRM, Alfresco, Drupal, WordPress, Redmine, and Jenkins.