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Fundra is nonprofit fundraising software that offers with a transparent and accountable fundraising application designed to help nonprofits increase donations by building trust with donors. The platform enables donors to track all the nonprofits they’ve supported, see how those organizations are keeping up on their expenses, and stay on top of eligible tax deductions.

– Camelot Grassroots

Camelot Grassroots is a fundraising software solution that allows users to run full online campaigns to raise money and process donations. The platform can be used by nonprofit organizations to design fundraising websites, provide event management and accept payments.

Crowdfunding: The Fundraising Software of the Future

Crowdfunding is an easy way to promote a business, charity, product or natural disaster and has become increasingly popular with the rise of social media and internet use. Sites such as GoFundMe, Indiegogo, FundAnything, and many more allow people to create donation campaigns about themselves, someone they know or an organization they support. Here we take a look at five crowdfunding platforms.


DoJiggy is a fundraising software solution that can run online campaigns and events to help raise money for charitable causes. For crowdfunding campaigns, the program allows donors to pledge gifts, incorporates events such as runs into campaigns and displays all progress towards goal completion with interactive graphics.


GivingFuel is a fundraising software solution that is designed for nonprofits and churches that have technical fundraising needs but lack technical experience. Users have full control over their campaign branding and can launch full webpages through the help of a software wizard.

Click & Pledge

Click & Pledge is a fundraising software solution that is designed to raise money for nonprofits, religious associations and organizations. During an online campaign, the program can securely process donor gifts, take down customer orders for merchandise and set up recurring payment gifts on a calendar.


FrontStream is a fundraising software solution that can execute campaigns across a number of different channels. At the start of a campaign, users can define goals, target online channels and build out events.

The Best Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

Your nonprofit organization goes out of its way to help others, but who’s there to help you? We discuss the best fundraising tools for nonprofits to use.


Kindful is a fundraising software solution that effectively provides a CRM platform for nonprofits. At the start of a campaign, users can design a donation portal, build a crowdfunding page and set up different tiers for financial gifts, event tickets and merchandise.


DonorDrive is a fundraising software solution that is built to motivate workers at enterprise and mid-sized nonprofits. The program uses a motivation engine to compel staff members to put in more energy during a campaign.