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JZero Solutions JLMS

JLMS is a learning management solution designed to do everything required for a straight forward, out-of-the-box solution at an affordable price. The platform is fully scalable, and allows users to customize the system in order to reflect their company’s identity, as well as provide learners with an easy-to-use system.

Conduct Exam Online Exam Software

Conduct Exam Online Exam Software is web-based learning management software built to help organizations, corporations and educational institutions conduct online assessments and surveys. The platform provides users with an integrated package of software applications designed to facilitate web-based tests, offline exams, computer-based tests, and center-base tests, and can analyze exam results through various reports per the user’s requirements, as well as display test results immediately to the test-taker.

Rakuna Recruit

Rakuna Recruit is a campus recruiting solution designed to help recruiters handle stacks of paper resumes and manage candidate’s information amidst the constant travel between campus recruiting events. The platform enables recruiters to capture resumes and evaluate prospects instantly, quickly track their data on a dashboard, and manage recruiting events all in one place.

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HandyTrain is a mobile-first platform that helps organizations train and engage distributed workforces on-the-go. The platform enables users to train multiple employees in multiple locations simultaneously, create training programs through a simple authoring tool as well as provides the option of hiring a third-party content provider or utilizing stock content from the content library, and assesses training retention or retraining requirements through assessment quizzes.


Emplify is human resources software that enables executives to ask for, analyze, and act on employee feedback, transforming data insights into human action. The platform is informed by science and psychometrics, and is the first to fuse survey insights, employee communication, performance enhancement, and transformation strategists into a proven agile engagement system.

Xoxoday Enterprise

Xoxoday Enterprise is human resources software that helps enterprises digitize and gamify their engagement, reward and recognition programs for employees and channel partners. The platform offers features and tools designed to engage, communicate, and reward in a single platform, and can be integrated with client’s internal ERP or HRMS for a holistic seamless experience.

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WorkPuls is automated human resources and time tracking software that shows business owners and managers how their employees spend their time on computers. Once the platform, a protected Windows service, is installed onto a computer, the WP Agent works quietly in the background without disturbing the user, and is a cloud-based solution which allows managers to get their data when they log onto their account on the WP website.