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CRM Lead Management Process – Best Practice

Were you ever ignored in a shop? The sales assistants too busy chatting or checking their phones to pay you […]

How to Identify the Companies that Visit Your Website

While building Visitor Queue, I have learned a ton about IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, Internet Service Providers and network registration. […]

DialogTech Voice Management Platform

The DialogTech Voice Management Platform is call center and sales software that captures and delivers data and insights geared towards increasing quality phone leads. The platform measures how the user’s marketing campaigns and website content contribute to calls and customers, and is built to capture attribution data for every call so that users can optimize media spend and website experiences.


LeadLake is lead management software that provides users with an AI-powered vertical search engine designed to crawl indexes and rank global business information by utilizing a supreme search algorithm. The platform delivers data through artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart querying and indexing, and is equipped to scan social media channels, forums, and marketplaces.


Sleeknote is lead generation software that assists users in converting visitors into subscribers, customers and social followers. The platform allows users to set-up and utilize lead capture forms quickly with no technical setup requirements or coding.

The Changes in Buying Behavior

The buyer’s journey has taken a more social approach. Now more than ever, advertisements and sponsored content have become a […]

Pareto Software formden

formden is HTML form building software that allows users to control, create, validate and process HTML forms. The platform is built to support both web developers as well as non-technical users, is equipped with tools for creating responsive, cross-browser forms styled by Bootstrap, and is capable of processing any existing forms.

ClickPoint Software LeadExec

LeadExec is lead management software that delivers leads to field sales teams, call centers, franchisees and lead buyers. The platform captures leads from online sources, phone calls, forms, landing pages and lead sources.


Leadenhancer is B2B lead management and generation software that identifies anonymous B2B visitors and utilizes targeted advertisements in order to reach specific audiences. The platform is equipped with lead discovery tools designed to convert visitors into leads, lead capture functionality that enables users to capture leads without forms that are too long while not losing valuable visitor information, and lead enhancement functionality that ensures lead data is up-to-date and relevant.


Autopilot is a lead management software solution that works across multiple channels to build relationships with leads. The program comes with a library of lead nurturing template plans.