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MarketingLeo is marketing automation software that enables B2B users to track, monitor and communication with prospects and customers across multiple marketing channels in real-time. The platform is designed to orchestrate customer experiences, optimize cross-channel interactions, and allows users to create and manage multiple marketing assets including email templates, pop-ups, and push notifications.

How to Use Post-Purchase Email Automation to Retain Customers

Converting a customer does not mean that you are done doing business with them. Quite the opposite.  Conversions actually open […]

Netcore Solutions Netcore Smartech

Netcore Smartech is professional services automation and marketing automation software that provides users with personalized marketing campaign creation and execution tools as well as unified customer views. The platform enables users to base marketing campaigns on up-to-date, actionable and accurate data, and implement viable marketing campaigns across popular, widely-used channels including email, mobile, voice, and push notifications.

Advanced Marketing Techniques eBook

According to research conducted by Salesforce and the Harvard Business Review Analytic Service, only 15 percent of marketing teams are using advanced marketing techniques (i.e., tools, analytics, and practices). That means only a small portion of marketers think past the sale and deeply understand their ability to affect the customer journey.

2017 Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide

A visual buyer’s guide ranking the top vendors in the Marketing Automation industry.

At it’s simplest, marketing automation software is a set of tools that automates common, repeatable tasks performed by marketers. Hinging on email marketing, the industry has grown to incorporate the entire campaign management landscape.

Marketing Automation: 4 Basic Rules to Increase the Bottom Line

Why do most companies implement Marketing Automation? To increase marketing and sales effectiveness, to gain insights through transparency in marketing and sales activities, and to measure performance in order to understand marketing ROI and other activities.

Social Scheduling Tools Go Head-to-Head: Hootsuite vs. Buffer

Platforms are constantly evolving, adding new features and making sure the software’s capabilities cater to their customers’ changing needs. It’s […]


Pipz is CRM and marketing automation software that focuses on acquiring, engaging, understanding and retaining customers. The platform allows users to create unique landing pages, connect with existing app systems and is equipped with a drag-and-drop marking automation interface.

Picking an SMS Gateway Provider for Your Business

SMS gateway service is a great fit for small businesses but when choosing the right platform cost is a huge […]


SharpSpring is marketing automation software that offers behavior-based email marketing, native or 3rd party CRM integration and tools to build custom forms, landing pages and blogs. The platform provides users with universal CMS compatibility and full integration with multiple external applications.