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7 Essential Features of Mobile CRM Software

Desktop CRM software helps maintain a smooth relationship between a business and its customers, but without mobile accessibility, it limits customer interactions to the desktop and restricts employee usage. With this dilemma in mind, let’s discuss the most essential aspects of mobile CRM software to ensure you avoid missing crucial features.

– Front Desk

FrontDesk is a mobile CRM solution that’s simple to set up and simple to use. Front Desk makes it easy for you, your staff and your clients to manage scheduling, attendance, billings and payments in one integrated system, while on the go.

Zaal Contacts Journal

Contacts Journal is a simple CRM software solution that works across the iPad and iPhone. Each time a client meeting occurs, the program can take down meeting notes, display records of past conversations and set dates for future meetings.

– Banckle CRM

Banckle CRM is a web-based CRM software solution that helps users organize all their customer data. Upon logging into the program, users can see all sales-related developments and events on a real-time dashboard. From there, users can manage tasks, pull up customer data and interaction histories, communicate with customers and update records.

MoNimbus mCRM

mCRM is mobile CRM software that enables sales teams to focus on key sales business operations such as prospecting, proposing and closing deals. The platform provides users with full sales cycle tools including deal management, pipeline management and lead management tools, enables sales agents to access the system from mobile devices.

– Selligy Mobile CRM

Selligy Mobile CRM is designed for sales reps on the go and informs you of all the tasks you need to complete for the day. When you leave your home or office, the app tells you where and when you need to go, the most optimal way to get there and traffic notices.

AppBuddy GridBuddy

GridBuddy works within the user’s Salesforce account to make all data easily manageable. Instead of having to go through each account and opportunity to find pieces of information, users can use the program to display all Salesforce data on a single page.

De Facto Software eCRM

De Facto Software eCRM is a web-based CRM software solution designed for mobile users. From any tablet or web browser, users have full access over their data on customers, prospects, suppliers, addresses, and contacts.

best CRM software on WIndows 8 and Android

best CRM software on WIndows 8 and Android

– PK4 Software Impel Field Reporting

PK4 Software Impel Field Reporting is a module in the Impel CRM suite that lets your field reps receive information remotely through SMS channels.