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Sinefa is an IT Management software that has a visibility and control platform focused on the traffic on the network. The platform allows users to improve applications performance, solve performance issues and provide a self service visibility portal for their customer base.

What Is Network Management Software?

In a nutshell, network management software is a platform that uses tools and functions to operate, administrate and maintain your computer network systems. We explain more and share the benefits of implementing such a platform in this in-depth introduction.

NetMotion Mobile IQ

NetMotion Mobile IQ is a network management software solution that works across mobile devices to collect data and address service issues. After installing software agents on mobile devices, users can see the location of each device, view geographic areas with poor signal quality and identify dead zones.

– Xangati Network Suite

Xangati Network Suite is a network management software solution that provides end-to-end visibility across virtual networks. The program tracks each network interaction and displays network interfaces in real-time. Meanwhile, users can compare network performance against KPIs. To combat any network service issues, the system can send out proactive alerts in response to negative performance trends. Users can additionally select the pieces of information they wish to see on their customizable dashboards, and the product can identify and troubleshoot any network problems.

Zenoss Service Dynamics

Zenoss Service Dynamics is IT monitoring software designed to enables users to monitor their entire system including storage, networks, converged infrastructures, applications and unified communication systems. The platform provides users with insights pertaining to IT performance, unique risks, and real-time analytics.

IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale

IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale is network management software equipped with an elastic in-memory data grid. The platform is designed to cache, partition, replicate and manage both application data as well as business logic and across multiple servers.

Oracle Coherence

Oracle Coherence is a network management software solution that assists companies with balancing bandwidth between all connected devices. As users go on the Internet and interact with various websites and applications, the program monitors all users’ bandwidth trends.

First Look: LogicMonitor’s Lightweight Java-Based Stack Monitoring

Solutions designed to monitor a stack, the sum total ecosystem of all the IT hardware and software necessary to run daily operations, are nothing new. What is new, however, is the idea of stack monitoring as a lightweight software-based solution. In this article we sit down with LogicMonitor CEO Kevin McGibben to take a look at the Santa Barbara company’s Java-based stack monitoring solution.

Apple FoundationDB

FoundationDB is an open source online database software solution that turns any type of computer into a flexible database host. Each time a database action is initiated, the program performs an ACID transaction across all available databases.

Behind the Software Q&A with Aerohive

As mobile devices become a more integral part of the workplace, organizations must find new ways to provide reliable, secure Wi-Fi connections. Aerohive is shaking up traditional Enterprise Wi-Fi systems by providing smarter, simpler Wi-Fi networking solutions. We talked Matt Gast, Director of Advanced Technology, for a look at what’s coming next for Aerohive.