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Finastra is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software that enables users to create financial service applications by opening up the software’s core systems. The platform encourages and facilitates collaboration through co-innovation, co-go to market, co-location, co-development, and co-validation functionalities, and is built on three main components – a development environment in Fusion Creator, a production environment in Fusion Operate and an application marketplace in Fusion Store.

PaaS Provider Rundown: Heroku vs. Openshift

Heroku and Openshift have been the cornerstones of multiple internet services since their launches. Both of these services come under […]

Four51 is ecommerce software designed to support order management, product catalog management, buyer and seller organizations and custom order experiences. The platform facilitates split shipping per order as well as combined shipping across multiple orders, multi-tier approval workflows and tracks order allocation and status.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: What’s the Difference?

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely come across at least one of the tech acronyms IaaS, PaaS and SaaS and thought What does that mean? But don’t worry, because everybody who jumps into the world of software and computing has had the same thought.

Behind the Software Q&A with SwiftStack CEO Joe Arnold

As disasters of all varieties increasingly threaten the security of business data archives, more companies are turning to software-defined storage models for safer and more affordable data storage. SwiftStack is one such software-defined storage platform, built on the open source project Swift and featuring a simple yet scalable and secure object storage model. We spoke with SwiftStack CEO Joe Arnold about the platform’s value as a software-defined storage platform.

Informatica Cloud

Informatica Cloud is a PaaS software solution that works with third party platforms and gives them access to the cloud. The program can integrate directly with other software solutions through its API tools.

Mobile PaaS Will Be the Next Big Thing in the Cloud

Mobile PaaS is the cloud computing platform that allows companies to mobilize everything easily. Mobilize their sales, their internal operations, their partner networking and their whole IT strategy. Today, most managers are traveling extensively, and working from home is becoming more popular. Being on holidays no longer means not thinking about work at all.

Alternatives to Paying Millions in Software Licenses

Telecom operators pay millions in software licenses each year. By doing so they are sustaining an industry of “feature loading”. “Feature loading” refers to complex software solutions that in order to win RFPs add more and more features. Most telecom operators are using RFPs to compare different software solutions. Whoever has more features for the lowest price wins the deal. The end result is that telecom software is unnecessary complex and expensive. Software providers do not want to respond with “not compliant” and prefer to add some extra feature even if the one who wrote the RFP will never ever use them.

Salesforce is a leading cloud platform to build and run custom social, mobile and real-time business apps. Over 240,000 apps have been built using the platform, including apps for workflow, analytics and other core business processes.

Behind the Software Q&A with Typesafe CTO Jonas Bonér

If you’re a developer, you’re probably aware of the schism between developer platforms. European and US-based Typesafe seeks to provide the next generation of developers with the tools to build reactive applications. We spoke with Typesafe CTO and creator of Akka Jonas Bonér to learn how Typesafe sees the future of enterprise development.