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Payroll Network iSolved Payroll

iSolved Payroll is intuitive, configurable and user-friendly HCM payroll management software that provides users with error-free payroll processing tools and multi-layer security measures. The platform ensures that users remain compliant with all government regulations, such as ACA, and helps users avoid IRS penalties.

Hot or Not: A Look at the 3 Leading Payroll Solutions

With January (already) in the rearview mirror, it would be wise for you to take stock of 2016 thus far. Were you able to stick to that resolution, stay on top of your to-do list or perhaps settle into that corner office? Whether you’re spending hours getting brought up to speed in a new role or simply re-committing to your current position, it’s imperative to make note of where you have been– and more importantly — where you are headed.

7 Must-Have Features of Payroll Software

Moving into the twenty-first century, with the rapid advancement of technology, the power players of yesteryear are gaining some new competition in the HR and payroll software markets. With the implementation of one of these software platforms, payroll doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing, labor-intensive process. Teams can finally trust the software to work for them — taking the pain out of payroll.

– BWSI BWSiNteractive

BWSI BWSiNteractive is a payroll software solution that makes it extremely easy to work with timesheet data.

How Payroll Software Can Improve Multi-Company Accounting

Managing payroll for multiple companies is a big task. Yet with the right payroll software, businesses will find it much easier to manage multi-company accounting needs and adhere to various state and federal regulations.

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is payroll software that sends and tracks custom invoices, tracks income and expenses, and enables users to create and manage estimates. The platform sychronizes bank accounts and related applications, facilitates employee payments, and calculates and files payroll taxes.

Unicorn HRO iCON and Open4

Unicorn HRO iCON and Open4 is payroll automation and workforce management software that provides users with access to all payroll data such as payroll calendars and pay dates, and pay groups for processing purposes. The platform calculates complex payroll wages including shift premiums, overtime and garnishments, integrates with time and labor data, and generates direct deposit files and paychecks.

Payroll Software: The Best Way to Evaluate a Vendor’s Demo

So you’ve done your research and now you have narrowed down your search for payroll software to a few products. When it’s time to run the free payroll demonstration you’ve downloaded, how do you best spend your valuable time? After all, trying out several different payroll downloads can be time-consuming. Use these tips for using your time wisely, and you will get the most out of your payroll software download.

Payroll: Is it Time to Start Using Payroll Software Instead of by Hand?

Many businesses start out by paying employees by hand. As a business grows, so does the number of employees, and along with those employees comes a growing variety of payroll needs. Managing earnings like paid time off, wage garnishment, overtime calculations, and a host of other options can become complex and nearly impossible to manage on paper. Enter: payroll software.

Astute Payroll

Astute Payroll is a full payroll software solution that streamlines all operations that go into a pay cycle. As workers come in each day, the program can track all their timesheet data and manage their shifts and leave.