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Emailmate is an email management software that stores a user’s most common “canned” email responses and transforms them into useful personalized messages by implementing powerful customization options. The platform stores the users’ most frequent responses so that they can use and re-use, as well as improve email messaging overtime in order to create and send effective emails.

Shrivra Salonist

Salonist is an salon-focused CRM software solution that helps users to manage their salon from one place. The platform enables users to easily schedule the meetings with clients, tracks client information and communication histories, and is equipped with the tools to handle prepaid and postpaid payments as well as to determine related tax liabilities.

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Guarding Against Exuberance: Why Deal Scoring Helps Sales

All salesmen are optimistic — it’s in their nature, which is why they are in sales. They honestly believe, till […]


Automational is all-in-one sales and marketing software that specializes in CRM, email marketing and marketing automation. The platform allows users to qualify prospects, engage customers with email campaigns and nurture leads with action-based marketing automation workflows.


Tabillo is a customer relationship management solution that offers simplified and predictive sales automation designed for growing businesses. The platform supplies companies with user engagement metrics to create an understanding of how the user’s technology is being utilized by their client base.

– Raw CRM

Raw CRM is a customer relationship management platform that was built to assist small businesses with organizing their task and relationship management. The platform offers a simple design with a focus on not overwhelming users while giving access to the tools they need.

Zoho vs Nimble: Two SMB-Friendly CRM Providers Duke It Out

Any small business searching for software to manage their contacts, lead cycle and other key sales tasks will undoubtedly come across the names of leading vendors almost as soon as the hunt begins. And while each of these software providers offers a great CRM platform, not all are well suited for the average SMB. We’ve selected two of our top picks for small business CRM platforms to battle it out below: Zoho vs Nimble.