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Oleeo ATS

Oleeo ATS is applicant tracking software that enables candidates to complete applications with social profiles, screen themselves based on skills, and to opt into talent networks in order to stay informed of any future opportunities. The platform builds filtered lists of the candidates best suited for any position the user’s company is hiring for, identifying which candidates hiring teams should contact first and/or fast track to the interviewing process.

Symphony Talent X-Cloud

X-Cloud is talent acquisition software designed to work with other Symphony Talent products as well as any systems users already have in place. The platform provides users with career websites that host rich personalized content and job descriptions, automates communication with candidates and employees, and facilitates lead generation through drip campaigns, advanced search, smart folders and AI recommendations.

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18 Recruiting Tips for 2018

Recruiters are constantly challenged to find and hire top talent despite a dynamic hiring landscape. New technologies, developing job seeker behaviors, and the rise and fall of skill sets requires more than traditional recruiting strategies. In this eBook you’ll explore 5 chapters with 18 key tips to achieve your 2018 recruiting goals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recruiting on Twitter

First things first: When you recruit on social do you mostly recruit on sites designed for job searching such as LinkedIn? Recruiting on LinkedIn makes sense. But, did you know that there are nearly 330 million monthly active users on Twitter? 330 million active users!

That’s huge.

Twitter is the third-largest social network behind Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s time to learn the benefits of recruiting on Twitter.

Easy Steps to a Successful Recruiting Strategy

Nothing is more important than hiring the right people. 73% of employers admit that making a bad hire is costlier than leaving a position open. In fact, a survey found that 41% of hiring managers and HR professionals who have made a bad hire estimate it costing thousands of dollars. To successfully recruit and hire, a strategy that is backed by forward-looking technology is necessary.

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Xobin Interact

Interact is AI powered talent management and recruitment software that provides users with an extensive library of interview questions on various technical skills. The platform is equipped with patent pending AI-based keystroke pattern recognition algorithm designed to help recruiters identify honest test takers, and is designed to track pupil movement and cursor movement in order to alert recruiters if any candidates attempt to cheat during testing processes.

The Benefits of Succession Planning Software

When it comes to business, a good plan is a must to know what roles are needed in your team, […]