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Mitel MiCloud Connect

MiCloud Connect is cloud phone and unified communications software equipped with functionalities designed to support collaboration between in-house teams and employees, create enhanced customer experiences, and improve business intelligence. The platform is equipped with enterprise-level security measures and redundancy at network, infrastructure and application layers, and is designed to integrate with CRM and BPM tools such as Salesforce, ACT!, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Dialoga Sword

Sword is call center and VoIP software that supplies users with a telephone line designed to work on any device using the same number. The platform enables users to make and receive calls on their computer, mobile phones and tablets, allows users to configure call reception in any place using multi-line WebRTC technology, and redirects calls to the user’s personal phone or voicemail in the event of poor coverage.

RingCentral vs 8×8: Two VoIP Service Providers Go Head to Head

Two companies experiencing success in VoIP software are RingCentral and 8×8. So, what better way to take a look at these two companies than with a side-by-side comparison?

The Top 5 VoIP Service Providers for Businesses

For businesses ready to cut the cord with traditional phone lines, VoIP solutions offer enticingly affordable alternatives to the status quo. Requiring little more than internet-compatible phones, VoIP can offer all of the expected features of your regular phone line and more, all at a cheaper price.

Vonage Business

Vonage Business is a VoIP software solution that comes with over a dozen optional features users can pick and choose. The core program allows users to log all calls, dial numbers across the cloud and set up all lines and accounts. From there, users can select optional services for call monitoring, recording, conference bridging, mass messaging and voicemail transcripts.

– Zingaya

Zingaya is a VoIP software solution that allows customers to contact service reps by pushing a button on a company webpage. At the start, users can customize their button’s design and connect the button to a land or mobile line. Users can then turn the button on and start to receive incoming calls.

Behind the Software Q&A with Zingaya CEO

While we were still in the age of impersonal phone trees and dropped cell phone calls, Zingaya helped narrow the distance between customer and service. We had the pleasure of speaking with co-founder and CEO Alexey Aylarov about the next generation of toll-free calling during our Q&A with Zingaya.

Simtex Cloud/Virtual PBX

Simtex Cloud/Virtual PBX is telephony system and software designed to utilize any internet connection, allows users to maintain established phone numbers even when moving locations and works as a unified voicemail to email system. The platform is equipped with an auto attendant feature that receives and routes calls via voice menu, provides callers with extension direct dial capabilities and houses redundant equipment in dedicated data centers.

– XO Unify

XO Unify is a VoIP software solution designed to provide great customer service as well as collaboration and communication within a company. The solution integrates all voice and data communications by providing a powerful hosting service so that users can work mobily and globaly. They can also send unlimited email, text and voice messages with a cost-effective traditional voice service also included.

TPG Business VoIP

TPG Business VoIP is a cloud telephony software solution that provides a simple communications framework for businesses. Upon purchasing a license, users can create a full phone directory with extensions and place an unlimited number of local calls.